Explore the Projects section at Abilo for a glimpse into our world of luxury kitchens. Discover how we’ve transformed homes with our blend of elegance and practicality. Our portfolio awaits – each project, a story of design excellence.

Embracing the ethos of less is more, our Minimalist designs reflect a tranquil harmony between form and function. We capture the essence of purity in design, creating pieces that highlight their intrinsic beauty. Each piece is stripped of superfluous details, resulting in furniture and kitchens that are as serene as they are sophisticated.

Japandi, a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design principles, offers the best of both worlds. We craft pieces that carry the warmth and simplicity of Scandinavian design, melded perfectly with the elegance and minimalism of Japanese aesthetics. With its muted colour palettes, organic materials, and keen attention to detail. 

Our Fabric style is for those who wish to touch luxury – literally. By integrating fabric into the cabinet doors, we introduce a tactile element that adds depth and dimension. The subtle weave patterns juxtaposed with wood or metal elements bring a unique sensory experience to your interiors. It’s a marriage of opulence and touch, ensuring your joinery stands out as a statement of refined artistry.

Our Leather style epitomises luxury. By incorporating leather into our joinery facades, we add a layer of rich texture and sophistication. The timeless allure of leather, coupled with our craftsmanship, results in pieces that age gracefully, acquiring character over time. Whether you’re looking for a touch of masculine charm or timeless elegance, our leather finishes are tailored to make a lasting impression.

Drawing inspiration from urban landscapes and architectural prowess, our Industrial style brings forth the raw beauty of materials like steel, wood, and brick. This style captures the spirit of loft-like spaces, echoing a rugged yet refined aesthetic. Ideal for those seeking a bold, modern look with a hint of vintage charm, our Industrial joinery and kitchens bring authenticity and character to any space.

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